Best Gaming Desks

When you’re a serious gamer there’s more to consider than just your rig and accessories. It’s also important to consider your gaming chair and gaming desk.

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Gaming for some is just a hobby, while for others it is a part of their lifestyle and there are professionals who compete in gaming tournaments which makes it an important source of their income. Gaming must be taken seriously and there are aspects that need to be addressed in such cases, like the importance of gaming space whether you are using a laptop or desktop computer to fulfill your gaming needs.

PC gaming has become popular lately and there is more to it than building a powerful gaming rig. A gamer cannot settle on playing on the floor or just standing up because comfort while playing is an important factor that will affect the gaming experience of a gamer.

Desks are not all created the same, there are differences that if noticed might be too late for the gamer. Choosing a gaming desk for PC gamers can be a bit challenging, there are aspects that must be taken into consideration, if not careful or not planned well, you might settle on something that is not perfect for your gaming needs.

A gaming desk must be spacious enough to fit monitors, gaming mouse, keyboard, desktop, and if you are a serious gamer there will be more accessories added to the gaming rig. Choosing a gaming desk is usually affected by the user’s personal preference, the gaming desk ergonomics is also an important factor that must be put in mind, is it user-friendly? Considering the long hours that will be spent while playing and enjoying the latest game releases, standing or sitting in one position may take a toll on one’s health and may even result in muscle strain or internal injuries in the long run.

Top 5 Gaming Desks of 2019

Here are some of the best gaming desk available – make sure to read about them carefully before spending your hard-earned cash and be disappointed with it in the long run.





Feature 1


Atlantic Gaming Desk


Feature 2

15.5 inches x 7 inches x 6.25 inches.
Feature 1


Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk


Feature 2

60″x 24” x 37″
Feature 1


Need Computer Desk and Computer Table Writing Desk


Feature 2

63 inches long
Feature 1


Techni Mobili Deluxe


Feature 2

65″ x 65″ x 30″
Feature 1


Techni Sport Gaming Computer Desk


Feature 2

23.5″L x 47.25″ W x 41.5″H

1. Atlantic Gaming Desk 

This gaming desk is designed with gamer’s needs in mind. This desk will fit all the gaming gear and offers so much more so that a gamer can do what he is really meant to do, which is to focus on the amazing gameplay. This desk is made from stylish, laminated charcoal carbon fiber. This desk provides enough space for your PC, laptop, extra monitors, games, speakers, and other gaming accessories. This desk measures 15.5 inches x 7 inches x 6.25 inches.

This desk features a charging stand for cell phones or tablet, speaker stand, extra storage to store games, basket, controller storage, cable management, cup holder for drinks, and a headphone or VR rack. It can fit a 32-inch monitor and up to 32 lbs of weight. A smartphone and tablet can be charged and within hands reach while playing games. It is designed with smooth contours that add a contemporary touch to the gaming room. This desk is perfect for neat freaks who love to keep everything organized all the time, making all gaming essentials stored in one place, making it hassle-free and easy to use anytime. Customer service is based in the USA; they have been working for more than 30 years and providing excellent customer service and support.


Sturdy and durable, Simple and easy to use, can be customized depending on personal preference, it is affordable and the legs are stable that works on any flat floor surface.


Wire drawer is not smooth to open, some parts are misaligned, and some of the desk welds are poor. The attachments support low weight requirement. The desk is wobbly for some users and the assembly was not well thought of when planning the desk design. It gets dirty easily, like dust or pet hairs. The monitor stand or tower is too high for some users.

2. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Belaire desk is designed with an L-shape and has a black glossy powder coat finish, a tempered glass desktop that measures 6mm/5mm which makes it durable and won’t break easily. It also comes with a display shelf and a metal frame. It features a monitor shelf that will work well during gameplay. It also has a keyboard-tray with enough space for a gaming mouse and it has reinforced plates with welding joints that makes it durable and stable. It measures 60″x 24” x 37″ and weighs 96.45 lbs.


Has a good footprint to space ratio compared to other gaming desks in the market, it can fit all monitors and gaming accessories, Roomy desk with affordable price. It is a space-saver and it can fit your gaming rig up to 2 to 3 monitors plus extra gaming accessories. It offers a limited lifetime warranty and can be sent back anytime if needed to be repaired at a small cost. Tempered glass is durable and will not easily break. It comes with complete and step by step instructions making it easy to install and all the hardware needed is included. There is enough room space for the legs and makes it easy to move.


Using woods screws, the keyboard tray sits a bit lower and cannot be adjusted depending on the user’s preference. The glass is not durable; some users experienced the glass desk to break. The packaging is not organized and some of the parts look it comes from a refurbished store. The glass is not fingerprint-proof, will get a lot of fingerprints and will need to be cleaned frequently.

3. Need Computer Desk and Computer Table Writing Desk 

It has waterproof and a glossy finish that looks amazing, elegant and timeless. It is also safe from unwanted accidents when drinks get spilled on the desk. It is designed with sturdy and durable workspace construction, guaranteed to last long. It offers the right amount of storage that will help keep the gaming accessories neat and organized all the time. It also passed the safety and performance standards of ANSI/BIFMA.  It measures 63 inches long.


Easy to install, has a flat surface, it is sturdy and stable, Large enough that can fit 3 monitors plus keyboard and gaming mouse. It has a clean and simple design. Can attach a keyboard tray and can be adjusted according to your preference.


The Metal frame is not advisable for gamer dads with small children. It is expensive but no additional features. Some users receive damaged and wobbly desks.

4. Techni Mobili Deluxe

Techni Mobili Deluxe is a corner desk with an 8mm tempered glass workspace finish. It measures 65″ x 65″ x 30″ and the reinforced metal frame has graphite MDF and it is scratch and water-resistant. One of the highlights for this gaming desk is it is customizable. It can be assembled with a keyboard tray whether on the right or left side. The keyboard tray is made from sturdy wood and comes with a safety stop. It can also be used as two separate desks, the long and short side tables can be interchanged. The glass desktop has 80lbs capacity and the shelf has 30 lbs.


Easy installation, allows customization depending on your personal preference (can be used as two standalone desks) supports easier cable management making the wires and cords organized and secured, Open back allows continuous airflow for the tower, Keyboard tray can be assembled on either left or right making it versatile and perfect for left-handed gamers. It offers a 5-year limited warranty.


Plain design, would want to see an all-black or silver color scheme. Poorly manufactured product, the parts are misaligned and some users experienced the glass breaking after a few months of using it.

5. Techni Sport Gaming Computer Desk 

This gaming desk is perfect for gamers who love to keep everything organized. It features a gaming rack, drink holder, and a built-in headphone or VR rack. It can hold 2 monitors and has enough space to add a tablet rack. The desk measures 23.5″L x 47.25″ W x 41.5″H and will work well with an adjustable gaming chair. It can also be installed with a wire rack that can be used as an additional storage or a place to store external hard drives. This gaming desk is the perfect combination of comfort and reliable performance.


Can be easily assembled, has an affordable price, works as a dual monitor stand, and has a perfect height level for gaming set-up. It has a durable and stable leg. It provides ample space for your gaming rig and extra accessories. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


Low weight limit requirements, scratches easily show, it needs a cable tray, control holder needs to be spruced up with rubber tips to prevent it from getting unwanted scratches.

There are different varieties of gaming desks that are available in the market. With it comes with a various set of features that can advantageous compared to some of its competitors. These features are important to some especially if it fulfills the gaming needs of a gamer.

Every serious gamer knows that a computer station is important and a must in order to fully enjoy the gaming experience. Being a gamer does not mean buying the best computer parts and assembling it into a super gaming rig. There are other factors that must be considered in order to completely enjoy a gaming experience and at the same time be fully comfortable and avoid getting injured or experience pain in different parts of the body. A cramped gaming station is not comfortable to play in and the best gaming desk must have a right amount of space that will fit a monitor or two and be able to facilitate the much-needed peripherals that will not just enhance gameplay but also improve one’s gaming experience.

Gaming Desks Buying Guide

When planning to purchase a gaming desk, these factors that will be discussed must be taken into consideration and will guide you to buy the right one in order for you to fully enjoy your gaming experience.

1. Size

The size of the gaming desk is an important factor to consider. The available space in the designated game room must be considered as well. Planning and study the space you have allotted for your gaming space, whether it is small or big, and how many monitors are used for the desktop gaming. If the monitor that will be used is heavy or light, a desk usually has specific weight capacity requirements that will be able to handle it accordingly. Space must be able to accommodate everything that is needed, so you can relax and fully enjoy your gaming experience without the hassle of a cramped and overcrowded room.

2. Shape

Gaming desks have a different variety of shapes. The most common are the L-shaped desk and standard desks. There are pros and cons when buying either of the two. L-shaped corner desk gives more space without taking the entire space you have allotted for it; it is advisable for those with limited space because it can be placed across the wall length. L-shaped desks are bigger than standard desks. Its space will be perfect for those who have more monitors and will have enough space to place the gaming chair and the keyboard and mouse. These desks also have wider space and have a great aesthetic value while giving the gamer a comfortable gaming space and one advantage for it is that you can set it up in any corner of a room.

3. Material

Gaming desks are created from different materials. The most durable among them are the metal and solid wood gaming desks, they are heavier when it comes to the weight aspect but definitely guaranteed to last longer than the ones made from cheaper materials. Depending on the personal preference of the gamer, he can opt to buy wood, glass, or metal desks.

4. Is it User-Friendly?

The gaming desk must be designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. When a serious gamer spends a long time playing games, there are different health problems that may arise from it especially if the computer desk is not designed to give comfort. There are tendencies for gamers to ignore other important things when they are fully focusing on the extensive gameplay, discomfort or pain in different parts of the body can lead to internal injuries and chronic pain. To prevent these from happening, the gaming set-up must be properly done to provide support and comfort to the gamer while he is playing. The desk must have the appropriate height that is suited for long gameplay. The keyboard must be placed at a lower level compared to the monitor. There are desks in the market that are designed with adjustable lengths and can be adjusted according to the height of the user, whether if he is tall or short.

When sitting in the gaming chair, the leg must be positioned between 90-110 degrees in comparison to the torso while the back of the knees must not touch the edge of the chair. To check if the desk is at the right position, the gamer must sit on the desk and keep his elbow at 90 degrees angle and keep the arms in line with the torso. The desk has the correct height if the arms are rested and comfortable when placed on top of the desk. Make sure to consider the design, comfort, and support a gaming desk gives before splurging your money and become disappointed with it in the long run.

5. Added features

There are gaming desks that have shelves that will fit the monitor or monitors if you have more than one and also a storage area that can fit your gaming accessories like controllers, headphones, and etc. There are desks with holes that will facilitate the management of the cables and wires. It must also be arranged in a neat system to keep the place organized, where no wires or cords are hanging loose on the desk. One other factor that needs to be considered is the appearance of the desk.

Aesthetics is important, an attractive gaming desk can be the factor that will matter whether one will be productive or procrastinate on a daily basis. One would want to buy a gaming desk that will complement the room and other decorations. Also consider where the computer will be placed, make sure it won’t restrict movements while playing and has enough space to improve the cooling capacity of the gaming tower.